Business Operations Manager

Avian Labs is building Sling, consumer software to help people pay anyone in the world, wherever they are, instantly and at very low cost. We're building this using blockchain technology in a way which is easy to use and accessible to everyone. You can learn more about Sling from our CEO's recent talk at the Breakpoint conference.

We’re backed by world-class investors and our founding team is composed of senior people who have helped build and scale global companies like Facebook, Monzo, Spotify, Twitter, Deliveroo and Skyscanner.

Business Operations Manager at Avian Labs

This is a generalist role in which you will drive the day-to-day operations of our company. This is a great role for someone who's looking to get involved in all the different aspects of building a company and is considering starting something of their own one day.

What you'll do

This will be a wide-ranging role where you'd get to work on several different areas in the company, being both very hands-on but also strategic. You'll work on things like:

  • Company and culture operations: You'll ensure the smooth running of the company even during the most hectic days and weeks. You'll look after everything from making sure our all-hands and off-sites are thought out in advance, well run, and cover the right areas, through to helping prepare investor updates.

  • Product operations: You'll help the product and engineering team with logistics and planning on an as-needed basis.

  • Partner operations: You'll work with our partnerships team to ensure that the day-to-day aspects of managing our relationship with our partners are well managed.

  • Customer operations: You'll assist with customer support and administrative tasks related to our customer base. You may also be asked to help with some aspects of compliance operations from time to time as needed.

  • Financial operations: You'll stay on top of our financial model, tracking actual against budgeted spend, forecasting our expenditure, keeping our accounting records up to date, making sure payroll is scheduled, and help manage our cap table.

This is a great fit for you if you...

  • Enjoy being both hands-on and strategic; rather than just one or the other. You can spot what matters most, and are able to quickly translate that into your day-to-day

  • Are exceptionally detailed without trading off on speed. No typo should escape you, and you should be able to work to a high standard under pressure

  • Have an excellent understanding of the commercial and financial side of building a company, and know Excel inside and out

  • Work well across disciplines, bring fantastic interpersonal skills and are a clear communicator both verbally and in writing

  • Enjoy the learning, autonomy, pressure and unpredictability that comes with an early stage company.

This won't be the right role if you...

  • Want to build a large team. Success in this role will include not needing a large team, even as the company scales.

  • Want all the benefits that come with an established tech company

  • Want to focus solely on strategy. This will be a scrappy, hands-on role.

Our commitment to diversity

We want to build a product that’s used and loved by billions of people, and that means we need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. We will fail otherwise. We are absolutely committed to hiring people regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.


We are hiring globally but have a preference for people who can be in our office in London regularly. Most folks are in 2-3 days a week, on average. We also prefer remote roles to have at least 5 hours overlap with most of the team.

How to apply

Send an email to Please include a brief cover note and a resume or CV, or a link to a LinkedIn profile.