15 Jan 2024

How to: Send a Sling Link

Sling aims to make it incredibly simple to send money globally - and that includes to people who may not have Sling. If you’re trying to send money to anyone in the countries we’re currently operating in, you can send them a Sling Link which is sent in digital cash, and they can then withdraw the money directly into their bank accounts’ currency. 

To do this, tap on ‘Pay anyone’, then ‘Pay someone not on Sling’. From there, similar to paying someone who has Sling, you enter in the amount you’d like to send and in the currency you’d like to send it in. Feel free to add a note or a picture as well! Then, once you confirm the amount, hit next to create a Sing Link. Once you have the link, you can share it via any messaging app you’d prefer.

Your recipient will be able to withdraw the money into their local bank account by inputting their own bank details. Easy as that. 

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