8 Apr 2024

Sling Upgrade: Meet USDP

We’re building Sling to make it possible for you to send money to virtually anyone in the world instantly, at an extremely low cost, without worrying about currencies or banking infrastructure.

We do this by building Sling on a blockchain called Solana, and using stablecoins as the underlying currency. While it’s built with this modern technology, Sling aim’s to be an easy to use app that simplifies the complexities of the blockchain. We launched using USDC, one of the largest regulated US Dollar stablecoins in the world. We are now switching Sling to operate on a stablecoin called USDP, which is regulated in the United States by the New York State Department of Financial Services. The reason is purely operational as we’re laying the groundwork to be able to offer Sling in more countries. Outside of a prompt when you next log in to switch to USDP, you’ll see no change in the way Sling works or the value in your Sling Wallet.

Thank you for coming along on this Sling journey with us, we really value your feedback as we build this product and continue to push to deliver on our mission to simplify the way the world connects financially.

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